Sunsets Past

Constant gentle movements or sounds are known to inspire.

Noticing where my eyes are focused coming out of a daydream have made me aware of those smaller spaces in nature helping me transcend.

When I emerge from deep thought, slowly becoming conscious of what I'm looking at, the ruthenic sounds of leaves moving in the wind, the slight flicker of light through the trees, or the gentle movement of water, This awareness has narrowed my attention to the smaller spaces in nature or Nearscapes.

Edge of the Pond

Lately, I identify with the meta-modernism philosophy characterized by a yearning for meaning, sincere and constructive progression and expression. Finding inspiration in nature and those things that feel natural.

Into the Light

In composing designs, I utilize the Fibonacci sequencing of natural order just as Leonardo da Vinci helped to initiate in the 1500s. I reimagine the oscillation and spiral in a ratio I belive is consistently the same all through the universe. The layering of gestured strokes to attain a theoretically organized image expands emotional emersion and embraces natural order.

The baser elements of nature are at work here, so I consider how I can drive the viewer into deeper thought and plant an idea relating to the human condition or man's finite direction.

Hickory Wind

At a subliminal level, I aspire to deliver an ecological message that may take root and influence decision-making. In addition, to ensure the paintings' tones remain within the rule of thirds, I stop periodically to take gray-scale photos to assure depth and composition remain the same within the density values.